Reds True Barbecue / All About Food: Barbecue 101 Series

Created for All About Food Ltd for their client Reds True Barbecue this web series is designed to give all Red’s ‘believers’ a hints and tips guide to some of the lesser known tips and tricks of barbecuing. The series was released in conjunction with the launch of Reds True Barbecue sauces and rubs in ASDA stores nationwide. The videos focus on how you can use these products alongside the skills shown to create your own epic barbecue. Arise believers!

This first video showcases ‘The bend test’ a method for testing if ribs really are cooked all the way through.

This second video shows you how to make the delicious Jucy Lucy burger, using meat cheese and Reds rubs. A truly awesome burger which we love!

This third video teaches the masterful art of ‘cloching’ – cooking using steam, and shows you how to perfectly barbecue those Jucy Lucy burgers you just created.

This final video shows you how to create a home made smoke box, so you can properly smoke all kinds of meat just like the pros.

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